The Woodlands Scales of War

The War on Orc Terror

Catch-Up time!

Following the daring rescue at Rivenroar, the party became celebrated heroes in Brindol. This led to them being summoned to Overlook to assist with an Orc issue. The PCs and two other adventuring parties, the Freeriders and the Farstriders, all climbed the mountains to deal with the monstrous enemies. The PCs discovered that a temple of Moradin had been horrendously desecrated by the beasts and helped to cleanse it, saving a paladin named Kalad along the way. They suggested that the Freeriders protect the Temple while the party dove deeper into the labyrinth.

Inside the vents in the mountainside, the party met Kathak, former Farstrider, who seemed to be having a hard time remembering where his party went. As they pushed deeper into the vents they began to realize that the Farstriders had been mercilessly killed, their bodies strewn around as decoration. Kathak’s vengeance was great, as was the parties’ usual murdering acumen, and the Vents were cleared of all threats. A Shadar-kai interloper found outside of the main chamber dropped a key when she vanished, as well as a note for someone named “Modra.”

The party discovered the Orc warlord Tusk and his shadar-kai mistress in the massive tank and battled him and his armies while Creek and Kalad climbed to the control panel. After a lengthy battle left most of the party drained, winded, and in the case of Kage the Tenacious, quite throroughly unconscious, Creek managed to flood the chamber and drown the Orcs. As the rest of the group escaped, Kathak attempted a daring rescue of the unconscious bard, escaping with the scalding hot water lapping at his heels as the anguished cries of Tusk echoed behind him.

Returning to Overlook, the party were hailed as heroes (much to the bitterness of the Freeriders) and Kathak decided to tag along (he was reported to have said “Pelor shine on new friends. Kathak like new friends now.”). This also conincided with the retirement of Kage, who, in light of his injuries, decided to return to Brindol with the wealthy family of Jalissa.


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