The Woodlands Scales of War

The Story so Far...

Fifty years ago, a band of young elves, some still half a century from maturity, came together to drive the Red Hand invasion out of their village. The goblins were routed so severely because of this that the city of Brindol was able to drive them back. No one knows why they were so successful, and for a time the young elves were a local legend. Nowadays, only the older people in the village still speak of it, and commerce with the elves has reached a new low.

Newly appointed councilman Eoffram Troyas wanted to see that changed. As a half-elf he is descended from the same tribe as our heroes, and remembers tales of their day in the sun from his childhood. Determined to repair relations, he decided to have a lavish parade for the 5th anniversary of the event. For many of our heroes, this is the first time they’ve seen each other in decades.

The adventurers arrived early, with Troyas and his bodyguard Alys the only guests present as they presided over the servants. They picked at the feast and caused some mild chaos in search of dessert pastries before their first guest arrived ahead of schedule, the dwarven merchant Bram Ironfell. Creek spoke with him about some problems he’d overheard, and Bram mentioned one of his caravans failed to make its appointed destination, depriving Brindol of much needed trade from the large city of Overlook to the west.

At that moment, the sound of something scrambling down the side of the building caught Creek’s ear. As he headed to the door to listen, he heard a loud thud and saw the door crack open to reveal a small hooded figure peeking through. Assuming the figure to be goblinoid for its size, he turned away in disgust and allowed Shade to handle it. Shade lost track of the creature, who instead had chosen to crash into the kitchen, alerting Reysha. Working together, the two caused a ruckus and stole some cake. With that, Gizmo became Reysha’s new pet.

After causing a commotion, Gizmo exited the kitchens to find Alys’s sword at his throat. He warned them that the hobgoblins were coming, more than he could count, to lay siege to the town. Troyas did his best to prepare for the siege but they came too quickly, and Alys only managed to save her charge and Ironfell. The adventurers decided to take the fighting to the streets, allowing the servants time to escape. After cutting down several waves of reinforcements, a large Ogre came lumbering down the streets towards them, hurling casks of pitch left and right. They defeated him and the archers he was escorting, at great risk to both Anhur and Creek.

After the battle, the goblins retreated. Anhur noted, due to his knowledge of military strategy, that they were probably going for a “shock and awe” opening battle, just showing the town what they were capable of before retreating. Alys reappeared with a message from the council, offering them the opportunity to work for them. They are tasked with retrieving artifacts stolen from the hall of valor, and saving six prisoners carried off to gods know where.


DMspaniard KenkakuKnight

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