The Woodlands Scales of War

The Tomb of Rivenroar

Our heroes managed the eight hour trek to Castle Rivenroar, the abandoned ruin that Gizmo claimed was the home to the new Red Hand rebellion and their leader Sinruth. Due to Creek and Reysha’s tracking expertise, the trip passed without incident. When they entered the first room of the elaborate tomb to Rhest’s three noble families, a frightening display of dancing fire startled the party. Gizmo, the smallest and most agile, was able to duck under the flames easily. When he opened the door at the end of the hall, the fires stopped.

The party went downstairs into a musty chamber full of strange fungi, the area clearly unfinished and open to the moldering graveyard dirt in which the tomb was built. There, they easily defeated two guard drakes protecting a small chamber on the eastern side of the room. Inside the room they found the crone Zerriska imprisoned within a magic circle. After some amusing goblin pantomime, Anhur found a way to weaken the circle enough to break it, and she was freed. She told them that she was brought in alongside the guard captain Kartenix, who had allowed himself to be captured in order to find his son Thurann, who went missing after the attack. She mentioned that Kartenix had gotten free and ran upstairs in the western side of the dungeon, and the last thing she saw was him being dragged away by something other than the goblins. After some debate, it was decided to send her back to Brindol with Reysha as her escort.

Heading back into the main chamber, this time the party headed east. At the top of these stairs they found a strange series of teleporting runes. Anhur’s arcane knowledge and Creek’s keen eyesight allowed them to find the pattern after some trial and error. Across the tiles was another where the dwarf Adronsius was held prisoner, beaten and left for dead by the hobgoblins. Shade’s healing powers restored him to be fit enough to move, and the party freed him from his restraints after realizing that most manacles had locks. He also told the party that he knew of the locations of two prisoners: the crone who had already been saved, and a beautiful student of Ioun known as Jalissa, who had been taken upstairs.

Back in the main chamber, the dwarf offered to wait there for the other prisoners so they could make their escape together. The party agreed to this and headed off into the eastern section of the tomb. After fighting their way through a small squad of goblins and hobgoblins, the party found some wonderful fat loots and continued on into a room containing a portal to a peaceful looking castle. However, when approached, the castle suddenly transformed into a ruin in the shadowfell. Anhur warned the others, who nevertheless came dangerously close to succumbing to the portal’s magic as he did. Giving it a wide berth, they continued on and defeated a small horde of the undead. After robbing a coffin or two (just a little bit), they found the mauled and mangled corpse of a man in the armor of a Brindol guardsman.

Determining his armor to be unworthy of poaching, they had a choice between north and south. North went downstairs to a small chamber, south went upstairs to a door. Either way, it was clear that bot exits were leaving the tomb and entering the castle proper. Remembering the dwarf’s words, Tenacious chose to lead the party upwards. Sure enough, when the door was opened, the party saw a young blonde female being thrown into a side chamber by a particularly brutish looking hobgoblin, who challenged the party to a fight.


DMspaniard KenkakuKnight

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