The Woodlands Scales of War

Unexpected Reunion

Crashing “heroically” through the door, the bard called out to the fair maiden. The last thing the players heard of her were screams being muffled by the door. After taking a fairly savage beating, Kage the Tenacious decided to hold back and allow his comrades to take their positions. The hobgoblin captain (which Gizmo identified as one of several named Gruk) attacked the goblin traitor while his archers rained arrows onto the party.

During the chaos, spitting lizards from the back nearly removed Creek and Gizmo’s faces with their acidic saliva. While the party engaged the minions, a Goblin sorceror emerged from the room containing the (still shrieking) prisoner. A confounding cloud of some sort erupted in the center of the room, leading to more chaos.

Creek, meanwhile, summarily decapitated one of the lizards as Gizmo torched the hobgoblin archers. Reysha kept Captain Gruk pinned while Kage attempted to support the party at range, still smarting from his earlier charge. Anhur, with his knowledge of military tactics, directed Creek towards the Goblin, and they destroyed him before his hexes could take effect. With the cloud dissipated, the Captain and his remaining pet were easy prey.

Kage ran to save his fair maiden, who collapsed sobbing into his chest, tears streaming from her decidedly non-crooked (and very blue) eyes. She introduced herself as Jalissa, a student from the college of Ioun, and asked them if they had found the young son of the guard captain Kartenix. When they responded in the negative, she told them of where she had last seen him (beign taken deeper into the castle).

Exhausted, battered, and bloodied, the group decided to barricade themselves in the room for the night. The first watch passed quietly enough, but during the second, Creek heard the sounds of chains being dragged and hushed talking. Looking around the corner, he saw a Goblin with a spiked chain and stolen armor chatting quietly with a hobgoblin (who was probably also named Gruk). He alerted his meditating comrades and decided to strike while they were unaware.

Unfortunately, as Reysha’s arrows rained down on them, the Goblin was revealed to be the mysterious Sinruth. Gizmo had previously claimed to be a hobgoblin, and judging by his surprise when he prepared to attack. Even more surprising was the fact that Sinruth recognized him.

Initially the pair of goblinoids proved difficult to attack: their formation was nigh impenetrable, and the adventurers were pinned into the corner. Anhur teleported behind Captain Gruk, and was able to finish him off once a lucky shot from Reysha managed to knock them off course.

Gizmo, finally recognizing the goblin as his estranged father, called the battle to halt. Shade lay at death’s door on the ground, Sinruth’s pointed boot poised to kill her the moment anything went wrong. He would only surrender, he claimed, if the elves that destroyed the red hand were brought to justice. The prisoners would be released, and Brindol would be spared. Anhur was having none of that, however, and fortunately Sinruth was caught off-guard by Creek before he had the chance to kill Shade.

After a long protracted battle full of missed shots and failure (like, seriously epic level failure), the party finally defeated Sinruth. Gizmo, however, decided to support the party rather than fight, and saved the lives of Shade and Creek. With most of the aprty severely injured, they retreated back into their makeshift room for the night, deciding to deal with Gizmo in the morning.


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