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Another catch up post

The heroes of brindol, now dubbed the heroes of Overlook for their efforts in saving the dwarf city-and indeed the realm at large-from an orc invasion, have been living large in the city of late. After a lengthy series of parties and free nights at the inn (as well as the purchase of a rather unfortunate Pomeranian), Anhur began to wonder who this mysterious emissary was that had been arming the goblins and orcs in the vale. After the town’s hospitality had been fully exploited, they set about their investigation.

Through a combination of espionage, investigation, and torture, the heroes attracted the attention of a half-elf named Eliana who was searching for her missing sister. She gave them information on the mysterious “modra” mentioned in the note, and they in turn informed her that her sister was one of the doomed Farstriders.

Pooling their information together, they realized that modra worked for the emissary-or perhaps WAS the emissary?-and that he was a frequent customer of the Happy Beggar inn. Investigating it, they found (to Kathak’s delight) the inn was run by retired paladins of Pelor. He led the customers and owners in a round of Pelor hymns, abd the party took advantage of that to create a distraction. That distraction was essentially the invention of mardi gras.

With the inn succesfully cleared out, the party met a strange old man who told them of an ancient secret room below the inn even the owners knew nothing about. When they finally found it, they caught modra in the act of opening a portal, which they of course promptly entered, finding themselves in the Shadowfell.

They found a mercenary camp at the base of a tower, and promptly made friends by beating the hell out of the biggest and ugliest mercs around. There they learned modra was only the first lieutenant of a man named Sarshan who ran their outfit: the Black Arrow Company, whose banner matched the weapons they found on the orcs and goblins. They found Modra in a room loaded with terrifying experiments, one of which he turned loose on them. After handily defeating him, he killed himself rather than surrender, claiming he was a dead man if Sarshan knew he had come back anyway.

Trapped between a rock and a hard place as Modra’s plan to detonate the tower went into action, the heroes were forced to take the hard way out: through an underground tunnel, into the tower itself. After fighting off and killing dozens of guards (and an unfortunate scientist), they were captured and brought to Sarshan’s chambers. When they arrived, the old man from the tavern was the one who took a seat at the desk before them, his true form revealing itself as he leaned out of the shadows.

Despite their murder of half his tower guard and his first lieutenant, Sarshan seemed pleased with them. It transpired that Modra had betrayed him by arming the orcs, whom
sarshan thought incapable of actually winning the city, in the hopes that he could use their strength to take over the outfit. Sarshan offered them positions in his “new world order,” so to speak, as when all was said and done, the Vale was not going to be inhabitable anymore…

He gave them some time to think it over, and as they were locked into their “new quarters” an explosion rocked the tower. They heard most of the guard leaving and chose to make their escape…only to find Sarshan’s second liuetenant and his hounds at the exit portal, having anticipated their betrayal.

Gizmo valiantly sacrificed what little energy he had left to buy Anhur time to open the portal, finally collapsing just as the door home reopened. Everyone poured through the door, Reysha pausing to save her best buddy before making her escape. The dogs followed them, but the lieutenant did not. After dispatching the invisible hounds, they apologized to the owners of the in and went to find all of Sarshan’s bases in the city with their friend Kalad, now a city guardsman.

They reached out to the shadar-kai they had interroagred earlier, who offered to show them the last of Sarshan’s hidden bases. When they met at the arranged location, they found his blood and entrails smeared about the warehouse, a mysterious symbol painted on the wall in his blood.


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