The Woodlands Scales of War

The (Actual) Rescue at Rivenroar

After a lengthy recovery from their battle with Sinruth, the heroes continued exploring the dungeons of Castle Rivenroar. They saved a child from the clutches of a host of zombies (by “saved a child” I of course mean "were ambushed by an 8-year-old) and discovered a Wight residing in the Rivenroar throne room, which had sunk into the dungeons over time. The wight told them that he had struck a deal with the goblins: they would feed him and his skeletal companion any living creatures they captured, and they could use the crypt for their own purposes.

Though Gizmo atempted to claim to be part of the goblin army, his association with elves (Sinruth’s most hated race) proved to undo his deception. The Wight and his minions were strong, but did not manage to overcome the party. In that room the remaining artifacts were discovered: A platinum sword, and two shields bearing the sigil of the red hand. Heading back downstairs, the party stumbled upon the old man Sertanian, curator of the Hall of Valor. He offered to care for the treasures until they were returned and went back to the entrance with Jalissa.

Meanwhile, in the course of re-examining the dungeon, the party noticed that there were signs of the goblins having abandoned their camps. Similarly, they abandoned a prisoner: Mirtala the cook, who was found in shock and covered in rats. Eventually she was calmed down and led out of the dungeon along with her fellows. Upon returning to Brindol safely, they were given a generous bonus and offered a week’s stay in their finest inn, and the celebration they were owed several days prior.


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