The Woodlands Scales of War

We're in the desert, and we're walking...

Investigating the rendez-vous location their informant had been found, it was revealed that he had managed to hide a significant piece of information that his murderers hadn’t burned: the deed to the warehouse itself. As it turned out, the warehouse was owned by the Elsir Consortium, the number one employer and caravan runner in the vale. They reached out to Bram Ironfell, their only contact in the consortium (and also a good friend to Kalad).

Bram claimed ignorance of the goings on in the warehouse, and Kalad continued to vouch for his honesty. Ironfell also offered the party a potentially incredibly lucrative job, deciding they were the only people in the town capable of pulling it off. His family had lost a gold mine centuries ago, claiming it to be cursed. No one could remember where it was as a result…until now. Bram had finally found conclusive evidence of its location, and offered the party a notable stake in the mine if they found it.

Gizmo was still comatose after his near death experience in the shadowfell, so the party hired on new help by way of Heterodyne, a warforged with some very handy healing darts and a noble countenance.

With promises of massive amounts of gold ringing in their ears, the party set off into the thornwastes, seeking the desert on the other side. With the help of a rather dashing druid (whom Reysha is determined to find again) they managed to reach the other side, despite the efforts of a rival dwarven clan to thwart Ironfell’s reclamation efforts. Arriving in the desert, they found a town being threatened by a Gnoll and his giant Snake pal. Never one to stand for the oppression of innocents, Kathak and Heterodyne led the charge and eventually defeated the beasts. In gratitude, the citizens offered what little information on the mine they could, while also not-so-casually dropping hints that the Desert Queen oppressing them could likely be found in the same location.

The following morning, the party began the two day trek through the desert. The town sent their best guide, a warlord named Kat, to assist them. After a harrowing encounter with a hag (whom Heterodyne mistook for an ailing old woman), the party found a massive, partially buried dwarven fortress. After heedlessly charging into a trap set by the troglodytes, the party faced a difficult challenge in escaping with their lives. Thanks in large part to Reysha’s arrows, Kathak’s massive strength, and Anhur’s teleportation, they managed to dispatch with the towers’ ersatz “guards.”


I want to hear more about Heterodyne and the wench…

er… winch?

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