Bram Ironfell

Pimpin' Dwarven Businessman


Less beefy than most dwarves: neither muscular nor portly, yet dwarves can never truly be considered “lean.” Wears a truly galling amount of jewelry. Balding with blond hair and a very elaborately braided (and bejeweled, of course) beard.

Video Gaming analogue: Bertram, Dragon Age 2.


Exceedingly nervous but nonetheless a well-reputed businessman. Lately his caravan running between Overlook and Brindol has been having difficulties, and recently stopped reporting in altogether. These issue were discovered to be the fault of Tusk and his orc armies, and in the weeks following the PCs actions there the caravan is back to normal.

Ironfell is one of a small council of dwarves that oversee the Elsir Consortium, a massive business guild of considerable reputation. In fact, one of the overseers is also the newest member of the Brindol High Council.

The Ironfell clan is incredibly ancient, and also largely extinct due to a failed venture mining the Karak Lode. Dwarves do not take kindly to failure, especially not financial failure, and so those Ironfells that survived the events in the Lode were banished or executed. Bram is the last survivor, and just barely managed to scrape his named back together from the dirt. Unfortunately, his focus on the business has left him with little time to produce an heir.

Bram Ironfell

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