Wild Elf Survivalist


Class: Ranger
Ranger Wilderness Knacks: Watchful Rest, Wilderness Tracker
Two Weapon Style: Spinning Axe Mastery
Race: Wild Elf
Deity: Melora

HP: 29
SPD: 7
INIT: +5
AC: 18
FORT: 13
REF: 16
WILL: 14

Optional Theme: Alchemist
Level 1 Ritual: Antivenom [Alchemical Formula]
Optional Background: Burglar
Background Benefit: +2 to Thievery

STR: 12
CON: 12
DEX: 18
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 12

Trained Skills : Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +6, Nature +11, Perception +11, Thievery +14, Stealth +9

Untrained Skills: Acrobatics +4, Arcana +1, Athletics +1, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Heal +4, History +1, Insight +4, Intimidate +2, Religion +1, Streetwise +2

Level 1 Powers: Cunning Fox, Dancing Serpent
Level 2 Powers: Oak Skin

Feats: Skill Training Thievery, Skill Focus Thievery

Hide Armor
Lifestealer Battleaxe +1
Creek’s Handaxe
Holy Symbol [Melora]
Adventurer’s Kit
Thieves’ Tools
Bottle of Wine

Currency Carried: 145gp


An exceptional example of the Wild Elf race he has earned the respect of the wilderness he cherishes. Wearing the hides of various animals bound together with vines and snakeskins, riddled with feathers and forest green foliage. Decades of living off the land in solitude have evolved his appearance. Face and neck both decorated with scars, left ear missing the upper half.

(Don’t ask about the ear, he doesn’t want to talk about it and the goblin he wears as a necklace can’t.)

In battle he slings around dual axes crafted by his own hands using natural materials. Outside of battle he is rarely seen without a decorative pipe hanging from his mouth. A survivalist expert and protector of nature, he despises the goblin tribes that inhabit his home. Engaged in an endless cycle of back and forth burglaries, the Wild Elf honed his thievery skills.


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