Wolves, wolves, and more wolves.


A half-elf druid who learned her craft exploring the forests of the vale with her sister. She is distantly related to the elven core of the party, one of her parents having been a member of their clan who went to be with a human. The girls raised themselves among the spirits of the forest until her sister turned her back on them to accept a demonic pact of power. Since then Eliana has been searching for her to bring her back to the forest.

When Eliana did finally find her, it was too late: she was dead, having been killed by orcs as a member of the Farstriders. Her last words were to her sister, through the communication stones they shared: “Modra…”

Following that clue led her to Overlook, where she met the party. By pooling their information, she learned of her sister’s fate and the location and identity of Modra. Though her vengeance is ostensibly complete, she still travels with the party…whether it is because she hates being alone or that she is continuing to search for the demon who tempted her sister is anyone’s guess.

In battle Eliana summons the spirit of a wolf, that of a dying wolf mother she once met in the forest. She took the mothers’ two surviving pups and raised them. One of them went into the forest when he was of an age to do so, but remains bound to Eliana as she can summon him at will. The other still travels with her, and both are bound to nigh-immortality by druidic magics: So long as Eliana has the life force to sustain them, the wolves will still live.


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