Eoffram Troyas

Councilman of Brindol. Half elf; regal and humorless.


Has the exotic good looks of an elf, but still takes after his human side enough to be able to pass. A bit on the short side. Generally looks as though he’s mildly annoyed about something, but his expression softens somewhat when he is comfortable about someone. A smile is a rare treat reserved only for those he trusts above all.

Real-world analogue: Zachary Quinto as NuSpock, but about 20 years older.


Councilman Troyas was elected a few months ago to serve on the Brindol council, and hopes to improve trade relations with the elven village he is descended from. He honestly admires the party and is trusting of adventurers in general, which is a stark contrast to his fellow council members and his trusted bodyguard Alys.

Eoffram Troyas

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