Kathak "The Bloodthirsty"

Kathak is a Rageblood Barbarian Goliath with a touch of The Shadowfell in his blood and Pelor on his mind.


[@ Level 3]

Str: 19
Con: 16
Dex: 13
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

AC: 15 (Hide armor)

Fort: 18
Ref: 14
Will: 14

Trained Skills
Athletics: 11
Endurance: 8
Nature: 9


Kathak values power and speed as a means of survival, and is literally drawn to the blood of his enemies.

After his tribe was largely destroyed shortly before his birth, his mother took refuge in a temple of Pelor where Kathak was later raised. The clergy noted and understood a darkness in his veins, but also that he strove to walk a better path.

Upon reaching adulthood, in a spirit of rebellion and bloodlust, Kathak set off on his own. He turned away from the temple and earned great renown as a warrior, but felt like something was missing. He has since sought to reconnect with his faith, and intends to prove himself worthy of Pelor by bringing light where there is darkness and shadow.

Kathak "The Bloodthirsty"

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