Megan Swiftblade

Human Fighter, Leader of the Freeriders


Blonde and of intimidating stature. Nonetheless possesses a somewhat terrifying sort of duty only slightly marred by the scar on her left eye.

(Think something like Katee Sackhoff, probably closer to her appearance in Riddick than Battlestar Galactica)


Megan is a well-reputed warrior hailing from Overlook, who leads a party of adventurers known as the Freeriders. Aside from Megan herself, the freeriders consist of Ragnum Dourstone, dwarven Cleric of Pelor, Sylen and Arwen Leafrunner, twin elven rangers, Ghena Tenson, halfling rogue, and Madrick, half-elf warlock. Prior to the arrival of the PCs the Freeriders were the number two adventuring group in town, right behind the Farstriders…their tenure as the top group was short-lived follwing the demise of the Farstriders as the PCs managed to claim the spot, shoving the Freeriders down to second best yet again. Megan was suitably embittered by this, especially as her party nearly died defending the temple from the orcs, only for the PCs to get most of the accolades.

Megan Swiftblade

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