Shadar-kai Overlord


Leaning towards the older end of the scale, perhaps in his late fifties, but with a hideous arcane scar marring his facial features. As a result, when he spends time outside the shadowfell, his skin and eyes pale and his posture stoops, which allows him to take on the disguise of an old, blind, human male. He bears the look and demeanor of an incredibly well-rounded veteran in either form, but only in the shadowfell is his true power immediately apparent.


A shadar-kai mercenary of considerable reputation, leader of the once-feared Black Arrow mercenary company, and currently a well-reputed arms dealer operating out of the shadowfell. He was the supplier of the goblins in Brindol, expecting them to serve as a “significant distraction” from his own movements. He decided against equipping Tusk and his orc armies because he believed the Orc to be incompetent, however, his former second-in-command decided to take it upon himself to supply the orcs for some under-the-table gold. The resulting chaos displeased Sarshan greatly, but he was impressed with the acumen the PCs displayed in not only stopping the orcs but also eliminating his troublesome first officer.

Sarshan is a ruthless and able commander, but he recognizes talent when he sees it. Though part of him desperately wants to capture, torture, and execute the party as an example, he believes he is better off recruiting them to his cause. He seems quite confident they will accept as soon enough there will no longer be a world for them to return to…


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