With a population of approximately 6,700 people, Brindol consists of mostly humans, half-elves, and dwarves. The town’s population swells by several hundred whenever some connected halfling clans known as “the river people” are in town.

Brindol is governed by a council, two-thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Warden Harrik Orenna is the public face of the council and commander of the city militia.

The city has 200 soldiers under arms at all times, with about one-quarter on duty at any given time. In times of crisis, the Lord Warden has access to another 200 well-equipped but poorly trained soldiers by calling up the militia.

For those travelling through Brindol, accommodations can be arranged at such fine establishments as Chatrenn and Sons, the Red Door, or the Pantashi Inn. If one is looking to quench one’s thirst, Ilya’s Cardhouse and The Marooned Schooner are popular spots, though if one is looking for a more refined evening, none can be more posh than the Brindol Gentleman’s Club or the Antler and Thistle.

While in town, stock up on supplies by visiting the Alpenglow Trading House. If clothes and armament need mending feel free to visit Gavriel Arms and Smithy or Staghunter Outfitters.

No journey preparations can be complete without a blessing from one of the local temples. Drop in to the Temple of Erathis; study your route at the College of Ioun; receive Pelor’s blessing at the Shrine of the Sun. Make sure to have the blessing of the gods to keep you safe on your travels.


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