Dwarven Paladin, Guard Captain of Overlook


Bald and muscular with a long black beard. Has the anvil of moradin tattooed on his back, which he bares proudly whenever he is de-armored.


More jovial and upbeat than your typical dwarf, Kalad was the proud scion of the Hammerfist clan. However, he abandoned his wealth to join the service of Moradin, and soon thereafter he was disowned by his family (who were massive shareholders in the Elsir Consortium, and expected him to become one of their council). the party discovered him nearly dead in the temple of Moradin that had been ambushed by the Orcs, having fought a small platoon of them himself. The party rescued him and he returned to Overlook to recover at the local temple.

During his recovery, he was approached by his old friend Bram Ironfell, who used his friends on the council to install Kalad as the captain of the city guard, the former captain having been killed during the initial force of the orc invasion along with a handful of men. Kalad replenished the ranks and quickly established himself as a capable leader. He then used his position to help the party investigate Sarshan’s agents in the city.


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